Sample of pottery by Don Brimberry
Sample of pottery by Don Brimberry
Sample of pottery by Don Brimberry

Pottery samples / Ordering your pottery

Your telephone call to me would start the process. If you contact me with an e-mail request for a pottery order, I will contact you by telephone to finalize your selection. During the production of your pottery order, I will communicate regularly with you by telephone. I can also update you periodically by e-mail with digital photographs of your pottery.

Given the hands-on nature of making pottery and the uniqueness of each piece of pottery, ordering online is not a practical option. To place an order, you will need to contact me directly by telephone or e-mail.

The size of your order is the primary factor in determining the length of time required to create your pottery selection. The larger the order, the greater amount of time will be needed. Larger pieces will require more time than smaller pieces. The number of kiln firings is an important consideration. My work load at the time of your ordering and my schedule of upcoming shows will also affect how much time I will need to produce your order. For most orders, though, four to six weeks is sufficient.

To begin production of your order, I require a deposit equal to twenty-five percent of your purchase price. The deposit is not refundable.

Your satisfaction is my highest priority. I will do everything that I can do to ensure you will be happy with your pottery. However, if you are not satisfied with your pottery upon its completion, you will have the option not to accept your order and not to pay the balance due for your purchase; however, I will not be able to refund your deposit.

I accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

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